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Based on the water quality of different raw waters, we are endeavoring to offer different customized purification process plans to our clients, including RO+EDI, RO+RO, RO+RO+EDI and other combination concepts. The quality of water produced can meet the requirements of the European pharmacopoeia. The whole unit is manufactured in a modular manner, which features reasonable and compact structure, convenient daily maintenance, operator-friendliness, and small footprint. Because of the PW supply in double pipes and unique internal circulation within the water generator, the bioburden level and biofilm development are controllable. As a result of the self-cleaning on an irregular basis, the membrane performance can be easily recovered. Thanks to the unique closed-circulation pasteurization, the disinfection can be realized in a more comprehensive manner, and the disinfection temperature can be controlled more accurately, which is conducive to extend the service life of membrane elements and maintain their water production performance. Equipped with complete monitoring system, the generator can run in a safe and reliable way. The high standard verification document system supplied with the equipment is developed in line the requirements of European standards.

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